two little problems

im trying to make a simple game which is going well. im basically almost finished

im just having two problems

  1. when the bomb hits the ground i put a timer to explode at a random time , but it explodes as soon as it hits the ground
  2. the second is that after after i added other events when i play the preview the stickman disapppears or is not even there to begin with. i tried to delte the events that i added to see if that was the problem but it still disappears.!2BUD0RLD!bQgsBnMNE … kaQ02XbD3s


Unfortunately I don’t have the time to look at your project and tell you, what is wrong with your project exactly, but I can help you with how to explode your bomb, and you can go from there.

First of all, I suggest to use an object variable as a timer because if you have more then 1 bomb in your scene, you need individual timers for all of them as in GD the “timer” event is global, it affecting every single object same time. I think it easier to use a variable. Also, I suggest to link your bomb to the ground using the link extension when it colliding with the ground, this way you can easily identify which bomb need to explode exactly. But here is a screenshot how the event looks like: I would try something like this.

I have not tested, but I hope it helps to get the idea.

For your second problem I suggest “what I have already mentioned in an earlier post,” to go trough your events you have added and think through how they (can) affecting the appearance of stickman and try to find the problem that way.

Using a variable as a timer is indeed a good idea. The events shown here sounds a bit complicated to me, here is another solution that should work (not tested):

The TimeDelta() means “per second”, it allow to precisely say that we want here the bombs to explode after 2 seconds :slight_smile:

I opened your project and saw that the stickman’s first animation has many blank frames and is set to loop. The first animation needs to be just one frame (of the stickman standing still) and does not need a loop.

I also saw the events which rely on timer “CanonCreation” being >2s, >3.5s and >4s will never execute, as before them is an event which says the timer “CanonCreation” is > Variable(CanonCreation) seconds, which then resets the timer. The value of variable CanonCreation is 1.8s. So, either you should only reset the timer only in the 4s event OR you should use a separate timer for each event.

thanks people ive sorted. i forgot i made those blank frames (i was tryna do like them sonic games where it flickerss upon collision, dunno how else how to do it)