Two questions

First off, I’m hoping to give interactable items a white outline or ‘glow’ when the player is in range of them. Is there an easier way to do this, instead of say, making extra sprites with white outlines. (Or my original idea of making blank white versions of the sprites, and making them slightly bigger than the originals.)

Second, I want to make a pause menu that lets the player access their inventory, hopefully with the ability to click and drag items around. I know that setting the time scale to 0 will stop your game, but doesn’t that stop everything? To where I couldn’t even pull said pause menu onto the screen?

Edit: Aaaaand, I can’t even test it properly anyways. Trying to have the game unpause with the same button doesn’t work

2ND Edit: I got it to work… And this brings me to another question. Is there anyway to tell Gdevelop to run one sub event OR the other?

Random(1) in a variable, if it’s 0, then do this, if it’s 1 then do that for your 2nd edit question.

About the pause you can use same system with variable and visibility action :

  • 1st click, the var clicked is set to 1 then make visible the inventory for exemple
  • 2nd click, the var clicked is set to 0 then hide the inventory.

about the time scale idk, if the timescale is a probleme for the drag and drop inventory system, then store information you need to save into a global variable, then go to another scene where the player will be available to manage his inventory.

I decided to look at some old questions of mine for reference, and after re-reading yours, I discovered that, if I were to go to a different scene, stuff from like, the platforming automatism wouldn’t carry over

what ?

Basically, I can’t just save everything to global variables. I might be able to save everything’s position, but not how fast someone is jumping or moving via the platforming automatism.

Which is why I’m really hoping that scene stacking thing on Trello happens soon.

Ah ok, I didn’t understand your remark at first. :wink:
For feature, it’s not really the higher in our priority list. :frowning: