Ubuntu 12.10 Demo Game Problems

I haven’t gotten anything to really work yet. I just tried the 3dRacingGame2Players… It runs but that’s about all I can say about it. See the attached screenshot. The left side scene moves and rotates, etc. but the right side is stationary. That doesn’t seem right to me. Seems like the cars would be side by side. Notice the buildings are chopped also. I’m just getting started with this thing and really haven’t gotten into it but I thought that the demo’s would work correctly.

This demo is a multiplayer game with a splitted screen, so that’s normal that the right part doesn’t move in the same moment as the left part.

Check the events to see the controls used for the second player :slight_smile:
The screenshot seems to be perfectly right, I do not see any glitch :slight_smile:

OK, thanks then. Looked strange to me. I’ll start using it and see how it goes. I like the look of it.