Unable to access shared datas

I get this message whenever I open a automatism after upgrading. (Where can I see what version I’m on?)

Click on the Help button on the top right side of the editor and choose “About Game Develop”.

If you want, you can send me the game which is triggering the error ( Just the .gdg file is necessary ) to help me to find the issue.

Can it be 2.1.10904?

Where can I send the file?

Ok, it is the latest version. :slight_smile:
You can send me the file by email: Florian.rival@gmail.com

I’ve corrected the problem.
For now, if you want to edit the data shared by all the objects having the Physics automatism, you have to create an object in the scene objects list ( and not in the global objects list ) with the physics automatism, and then edit the physics automatism of this object.

I see. Thank you!