Unable to delete the object said "there is nothing to configure."

i wish to delete the coin immediately after the player hit it but i can’t find the option “delete the object” in the “other action” category. I can’t delete the object coin nether even i found the “delete the object” option in “object” category when it turns out “there is nothing to configure.”
What can i do?

Besides, the collision work in my “player” and the “door” in preview version but doesn’t work in exported html version, what can i do?

Spared half days on these, need help and rescue so so so much !!!thanks!!!

That’s the new action/condition editor.
You need to select the coin object in the first category, in the second category that’s where you select the action to take place. There you can select delete an object. And that’s it, there is nothing you can configure in this.

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Just select the object you want to delete from the left “objects” panel.

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thanks for saving me !!! so much appreciated!

thank you so much! did it perfectly!