Unable to open the project

I use project in my computer not in Gdevelop cloud. But today, I have error: Unable to open the project.
Check that file exists, that this file is a proper game created with Gdevelop and that you have the authorizations to open it. I built this project over a week
I create a project saved in my computer but when I open Gdevelop, I have this error ( I don’t use autosave in my project, I usually build manually)
Please help me

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
If your project fails to load, there should be an autosave file in the same folder that you can use to open your project.
If you disabled the autosave, well, I hope for you that you made frequent backups, because there’s not much else we can do. :confused:

How I can open file .autosave

In your file explorer, right-click and Rename to remove “.autosave”.