Unable to use Text Objects

I’ve encountered an odd bug. I’m unable to place any text objects or modify them without the text disappearing completely from the screen, although it stays in the Object list on the right hand side. If I attempt to run the program in HTML5 with such a text object the game freezes when loading, while in a Native format it has no effect. Here’s another odd phenomenon - if I place a text object on the screen then cancel it in the Edit the Text box the text remains and, as long as I don’t modify the text in the Edit the Text Object box, it will function normally. Changing the object’s name or using the object in an Event/Action doesn’t seem to cause problems.
I have to add this important fact - I’m running GDevelop on an eight year old computer with Windows XP and I can no longer install Java updates due to my outdated platform. The last update was Version 7 Update 67 in 2014 (I think).


I think this bug can be related to an outdated graphic card driver (which you can’t fix on outdated computer :frowning: ).
It can’t be caused by Java as GDevelop doesn’t use Java at all.