Unable to use timed events correctly...

The following works except for the timed event part. Any solutions? :frowning:

The timer is resetted before your delayed event start…

Don’t use a delayed event here, use the timer like this for example :
when timer >2 then delete object bullet_ray
when timer <3 then delete the object

It’s just an idea but since you use a timer, you don’t need to use the delayed event nor extension.

How do you make those timer conditions?

So you want the bullet ray to be created after 3 seconds and one second later (after 4 seconds in total) it should be deleted?

You could try:

[code]14 The timer “first” is > 3 seconds Create object bullet_ray etc.
Do once

15 The timer “first” is > 4 seconds Delete object bullet_ray
Reset timer “first”[/code]

You might want to have a “Pause timer” action after the “Reset timer” action if you want to stop bullet_ray being created every 3 seconds.