Unlok - (insane puzzle - beta)

My first game with Gdevelop, is hosted on my site (in portuguese yet): http://www.gsstudio.esy.es
A page directly for my game is here. http://www.gsstudio.esy.es/unlok

Is an insane puzzle with timing and strategy, in beta yet. I’m aways updating it in my site. I’ve been created one page on facebook to say when updates is comming. its here https://www.facebook.com/gsstudios

Thanks for Gdevelop community for the helps and a creation of this wonderful engine.

Hi Guilherme! Nice work? I’ve played and enjoy!
Você é do Brasil carapálida?


I tried to play your game, but i was redirected several times to the same page.
Galera do Brasil -

Sério? Que maneiro! Desk467 tente usar esse link: http://www.gsstudio.esy.es/unlok
o próprio site ta com um bug no redirecionamento, vou consertar isso já. Que alegria de ver BRs por aqui!

Nice game, I like the visuals. Very pleasing to the eye.
But I think it needs something to do for your brain, otherwise it will get boring fairly soon.
Maybe you can colour the moving squares and only let the paddle stop the ones with the same colour as the paddle. Whenever you stop a square the paddle adapts its colour. So you would need to find the right sequence to stop them. You could even go as far as to combine colours (like blue + yellow = green).