(Untitled Horror Game) How do I get act selection work?

I tried doing this by adding song conditions and events but I don’t know how to get act selection to work. How do I make act selection work?

Like, If you press left, Act will change from 1 to 2. or right key, Act will change from 2 to 1.

i think the maximum acts should be 7.

A few things to note:

  1. The left key press will never get actioned, because you have it in an At beginning of scene condition. This will only action once, at the very start of the scene opening.
  2. In both events you set SelectedAct to a value, then modify it. Setting the variable each time prevents it from continually increasing or decreasing.
  3. Did you want the SelectedAct of 2 text objects? Or just 1?

Here’s a solution that will get you on the right path, but it’s assuming SelectedAct belongs to one text object:

I use trigger once so that
a) the key needs to be released and
b) the modification takes place as soon as the key is pressed.