Unusual, irregular behavior!

I have been working on a platform game for a while now and it’s going mostly to plan, but I’ve noticed that sometimes there are strange occurrences of sprites behaving against their programmed routes or invisible platforms that block my way, where they have not been placed…

I removed forces from a couple of objects and used Tweens to move them instead and have had less issues with the sprites doing their own thing, but the invisible blocks/platforms are still happening and my destructable blocks are placing themselves in odd, unplanned places…

I cannot see why or how these happen? And they apparently occur at random.

Even two, consecutive tests, without any change to the scripting, producing different results?!?!

I feel that it may be connected to my destructable blocks, which blow up when shot and fall down with gravity are set up as both platforms and platform characters, with no controls and thus might be conficting with some other instruction at times…

If this is the case then is it possible to achieve the same result of gravity applying to the blocks when lower blocks are removed, without making them platform characters or using realistic physics, as this is not in keeping with the retro, pixel platform feel that I am aiming for?

Not sure what could cause this. Can you show a screenshot of your events for the destructible blocks?

Separately: How are your layers set up? Are your destructible blocks on a different layer than the other sprites?

I have been tinkering with the events and it seems to have stopped doing it now.

I believe it was something to do with my collision boxes on one of my enemies and a particle effect explosion that I used when they died, somehow it left invisible, obstructions where they had been last.

I cannot explain it, but unless it returns I shall put it behind me.

Thanks for responding though, I appreciate it!