Upword punching and player gets stuck.

I want my character to be able to punch and attack (Fireball) upward to. So I added looking upward functionality to it (with variable upward, so that it can look upward). But whenever I press punch button a couple of times while looking upwards, for multiple hits, it gets stuck, actually I figured out that it gets stuck when you keep the punch button pressed. and it gets stuck at the beginning frame of the animation of punching upwards.

I wonder if the problem is that the punching upwards animation takes a certain amount of time to reach “finished”, so event 19 will be skipped the first few times, which means Attack isn’t reset to 0 and event 18 is activated again - which sets the punching upwards animation back to its first frame.

Or you could stick in an event that checks if j or k are released and if so, set Attack to 0.

but I have set the attack action under condition of when variable attack is 0 and once while true. So how come it is giving such a problem??? Check event number 49_5_1

I didn’t notice that it was a sub-event and the parent event had an Attack=0 condition.
Does it make any difference if you move the action for event 19 into event 18?

No, it doesn’t.