Urgency: a suitable approach to cutout animation

Now that Game Develop is making a big jump trough a lot of changes and improves (open-source, code-forking, android and full HTML5 support, etc) I think it’s time to look at a specific feature that GD is not friendly yet: cutout animation.

Why is SO important and SO urgent?

Well, because an actual mobile device and web game system requires a better management of graphic resources.

So the difference between a good aproach to cutout animation and graphic resources management, and the ol’ way to compose sprites pre-rendered frame by pre-rendered frame is a HUGE ammount of space required to store our games in a mobile device or a LOT of time spent (“spended”, haha) in load our game in a web navigator.

Why not to be friendly with cutout animation trough spreadsheets and XML data?

The future of the casual games and 2D platformers is being redefined right now by projects like Spriter and Spine (that serves as side tools to other 2D game engines) and I think this kind of animation deserves more atention from Game Develop, as Game Develop deserves a suitable approach to cutout animation and better graphic resource management.

So, what do you think about?