use c++ files

Hi guys just wanted to know how can use c++ files ?
So i have .cpp files and headers .h
just have to activate use of c++ files in game properties ?
just have to add .cpp files ? what about .h files ?
Don’t needed to compile files ?
Hope for help. Thanks.

Yes, Just need to add them to the project. Then, GDevelop will compile them itself (with its internal compiler).

ok i’ll try.

Keep up in touch if it works ! I’m interested about C++ integration and compilation feature.

PS @MiniDreamDev : so you’re quitting the french section :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Kink i left c++ and i’ll try about using js files because i found an api to add gamejolt game achievements into Gdevelop games.
look here :
So i didn’t succed to add the achievments for now . . .
Perharps, using .js files works fine.
I am going to alternate beetween french and english community :laughing: