Using Object Masking On Instances

So I have figured out a way to invert colors so half of the other object is seeable through a wall.

But the problem is this only works with one instance of the wall. I have tried using IDs, and using “repeat for other instances” but neither works.

Is there any solution that will allow me to use all instances as the mask?

From what I can see, the rendering engine only supports having a single object as a mask… Though it could probably use a whole layer as a mask, if that works for you. I’ll try to add that to the mask extension later, in the meantime, you can try to do it by using a JavaScript event like this (don’t forget to add the object you want to be masked to the JS events parameter at the top of it):

const layer = runtimeScene.getLayer("LayerName").getRenderer().getPIXIContainer();
for (const obj of objects) obj.getRendererObject().mask = layer;

The code is on top of my mind, use the autocomplete of JS events to find the exact names


How do I find the replaceable words again?