Using .ObjectName() in a condition

Is there a reason why I can’t directly reference .ObjectName() in a condition statement - or am I just being dense and haven’t found the option in the list of Conditions?

I have a group of 10 shapes, and I feed a function with a “Repeat for each shapeGroup object”.
In the function, PARAM1 is named Shape.
First action is to set a tempVar = Shape.ObjectName()
then I can test tempVar for each object (since each one has to be handled differently).

Being able to skip the variable set and reference the object name in the condition would be cleaner:
Shape.ObjectName = “Ushape”
do =660; =506 to the position of Shape

I understand where condition statement you talk but if you can write something, you can use expression in this field.
Use copy/paste
Shape.ObjectName() should work.

Thanks for the response, Bouh - but how do I bypass the selection list of options in order to type in the field? You can’t create an entry as an action and transfer it to the condition side - GD doesn’t like it, and I can’t create the text I want to enter in an editor and copy it - GD won’t activate Paste unless the copy came from itself.

Maybe what we need is an “advanced” selection in the options list that lets the user type what they want. Might be useful for those of us who are comfortable enough with GD that the selection list isn’t needed as much any more.

I see, you can compare expressions between number or string.
Other > compare two strings