Using stuff across scenes.

Ok Im sure theirs a easy way of doing this, I just don’t know. Say I program player collision’s, or badguy actions, or make a menu system that I would like to use in all scenes. Currently say I want to make a change to my menu system. I have to goto each scene and make the changed. Is their an easier way of doing this? Like making a menu system function group and then just all to it from the events in the scene? If so how?

Yes, External Events, add/open them in the Project Manager window (at the left).
You add events in an external event, then you link it in the scenes you want (there is a special event “Link” to link external event, even you can link parts of the external event from event X to event Y) :slight_smile:

Oh, the external event will ask about the scene to edit from, but it is just to get a list of available objects/variables for the object and variable expressions :wink:

Great that helped a lot. I tried breaking events down in about 8 sections but had some issues with my buttons not working properly or switching out of fullscreen through my menu. But when I did just one external event instead of several, I didn’t get the same problems. So not sure If I did something wrong or not. May retry again in smaller sections. But this helps a ton. Thank you thank you.
One problem I did notice is when you copy events and move them around, sometimes the order gets all mixed up.