Using the sound object (Solved)

So I want to attach a sound object to a moving object, to get a “surround” effect of the sound as the object moves from outside of the players view and across the screen.

It sounds like a pretty easy thing to do, by simply adding the sound object and attaching it to the object.

But this doesn’t seem to be working very well. Any suggestions?

Hello, the sound has to be a mono sound (not in stereo).

I never managed to get this to work for some reason. I am using a mono file, but I don’t seem to get any audio out. I wonder if I’m missing something.

These are the settings I’m trying with:


As for the event, I’m only doing something like:

if collision between obj1 and obj2 => Play sound [sound object]

Do I need certain conditions other than collision check?

Have you put the object on the scene.
Also, increase the value of the attenuation because with 1, the sound can’t be heard with a distance of 1 pixel only.

I have tried to attach the sound object to the object the sound should originate from, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. What exactly are the differences between attenuation and minimal distance?

I also tried to create an event that would simply play the sound object if there is a collision between a certain object in the game and the player avatar (so that I can stop the avatar when colliding to listen, but still no sound.

Should I use the listener functionality somehow?

I misunderstood the attenuation, but you have to change the listener position according to the player position (use the actions in Sound object > Listener).

Thanks. The listener was the missing part.