Using Tile sets?

Can you use tile sets? See attached…

I’ve seen a comment that says it’s native not web based - but I can’t find any support for this. It feels like an essential part of game design. I’ve seen requests for Tiled import on here and on the roadmap - (which I voted for!)

I just want to 100% confirm there isn’t a workaround. Thanks!

I’m interested in the answer to this as well.

At the moment, it’s looking like you have no choice except to create separate sprite images if you want to use assets like that, but I may be wrong.

Not possible yet, but it’s being discussed the possibility to port the tilemap extension and region texture options, check the roadmap for more information :slight_smile:

What’s the workaround for the time being?

Tile maps feel like an essential part of game design.

Right now, cut the image in an image editor and create multiple sprites (or a sprite with multiple animations) in GD :confused: