variables edition window- moving a variable crashes GDIDE

Moving a variable UP or DOWN the variable list crashes GDevelop completely. I forgot the commands to run gdevelop in debug mode.

I get this in terminal however when running gdevelop normally. It is the last message before the crash: line 11:  6413 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ./GDIDE

I am on linux 64. The latest and greatest gdevelop from github

I can’t reproduce the bug, I’ve managed to move variables without crash. Could you send me the project and some instructions to trigger the crash? :slight_smile:

I can reproduce the bug by doing the following:

-Opening the variable window

  • Maximize the window
  • play with the variable positions a bit
  • crash

If the window is not maximized, there seem to be no problems.
OS: Manjaro, XFCE
Version: latest git