what is the difference between Global variables, scenes variables or objects variables?
Cant find any answer!!!
I mean I need to know how are why to use which one of them? … #variables

can I use object variable to remember player health and power (power he will use to attack) through different scene, or should i use global variables.

Object’s variables are specific to an object’s instance. For example, if you have multiple enemies (of the same object) on your scene, every enemy will have its health.
So, no, you need to use Global Variables.

but the link you gave state that

Object variables only concern one object. For example, a hero can have a “Health” or “Ammo” variable.

“Health” or “Ammo” variable???

Please explain?

hi umar

global variables are for use in every scene e.g. like variables for scores if you make a screen that displays level scores.
scene variables are specific to that scene e.g. for use with certain scene movements or scene objects.
object variables are specific to an object e.g. if you give an object 2 variables say health and ammo then every time that object is created each instance will have its own health and its own ammo