very annoying

hi developer of of gdevelop i found very annoying one only thing when i import a sprite from my pictures
the path save in my pictures and when i try to open my projects i’m again in my picture,when i go to the area where i have my projects and i open them and i go to import some sprite i have to go again to my pictures.
can you make a default path for them the projects and the sprites folder?
thank you in advance :slight_smile:
forgive me for my horrible english. :frowning: :laughing:

It’s safer to put everything in a single directory named “myProject”, with a “Sources” subdirectory for all your project files (original files included), and a “game” subdirectory, where you put what you will effectively distribute when you release your game.

That way, it’s easier to back it up, or copy it on an USB so you can work on it with every computer around.

GDevelop can use relative path, so that your resources’ path will remain valid even if you move your project.

Yep draxxen, i can’t see the problem you encounter, store all your files in one folder :

  • “my project”
  • then subfolders, etC.

subfoders for images for examples, and the root folder for your gdg file. Even if you move the folder, no link will be broken, like said victor : paths are relative.

ok,thanks :smiley: