Very bad performance on IOS-Safari

Hi, performance on iPhone11 Safari (IOS14) is very bad with GD5, actually unusabel bad, and i dont think its normal.
Most demo projects like the physics-bike lag/stutter a lot. Even an empty scene 720p with fps counter, nothing else, runs only 45 fps max? (fps setting is default, min 10,max 60, its not the issue)
In GD4 on the other hand i have butter smooth performance, 720p scene with lot of physics object bouncing around, always 60fps, not a single hiccup?
There is also a post on github about it already, looks like im not alone; ( Strange frame rate capping on my Tablet · Issue #2092 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub ).
The device performance should also be way more than enough, i test the PBR Sponza scene in babylon.js, buttersmooth 60fps, but in GD5 cannot run empty 2d scene?

This seems to be an iOS related issue. Performance was normal without any issue on iOS 13, then iOS 14 made it much worse: Issues with iOS 14 and desktop Chrome (current build) · Issue #1991 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
Still investigating the issue.

@4ian I don’t really understand much about this low level rendering what they are talking, but maybe you know more!

Pixijs has low FPS in IOS14. - Pixi.js - HTML5 Game Devs Forum

Fix iOS14 bad performance on Browsers/WebView (Solved) - Cocos Creator - Cocos Forums (

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Interesting, thanks for these links! :+1:
I’ll see if we can get a fix in GDevelop.

@4ian I tested the latest pixi release v6 and the performance is now smooth on 60fps.
There is still some stutter here and there, like every 20 sec you get a very small stutter that lasts 2-3 sec, but at least it works now and is not completely broken anymore :smile:

Dont know if you fixed it or the pixi guys but thanks anyway to you 4ian :smiley:

I did not but i guess they improved things! Did you try Pixi v6 with GDevelop or on your own on a game made with Pixi.js? :slight_smile:

I mean in GDevelop, i just export my project and replace the pixi.js file. The version in GD shows 5.3.3 it has stutter, i tried the latest 5.3.8, has also stutter, but all v6 are smooth full fps. Even the first v6 released end last year lol :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

That’s good to know (and you were lucky Pixi.js 6 works without changes compared to 5.3 ;))! I’ll give it a try on my side on iOS to verify it’s fixed then.

Yes lets hope v6 can just be added without much trouble, for me at least it works so far.