🏆 (VERY IMPORTANT) GDWC Final Fan Favorite Vote "Miko Adventures Puffball"

Hey everyone,

This could change my life, and make my dream come true!

I wanted to let you know that my game “Miko Adventures Puffball” winner of week 17 of the GDWC 2021

Is now participating in the (GDWC Final Fan Favorite Vote)
which will be active from 17 Jan until 31 Jan

Please don’t forget to vote for Miko Adventures Puffball
The steps are super easy and won’t take even 5 seconds from your time:

1- Go here: Vote_Miko_Adventures_Puffball

2- Click (Vote) at the top of the page.

And that’s it,
the button will change color from Green to Yelllow
and you’ll get a messege saying Thanks for Voting

Let me know down below when you finish voting!

What is GDWC? GDWC OR (Game Development World Championship) is a global annual online competition for Game developers.

Why voting for my game is important?
Voting for my game (Miko Adventures Puffball) increase my chance of winning in GDWC which in return will give the game much more visibility and make my dream of making games come true. (edited)

Thank you :heart:


:red_circle: People on the GDevelop Community :red_circle:

please don’t forget to vote for Miko, it won’t take 5 seconds to do so and will help me a ton…

My game Miko Adventures Puffball is in GDWC Final Fan Favorite Vote,

the steps to vote are super simple:

1- Go to: Miko Adventures Puffball | GDWC 2021

2- Click (Vote) at the top of the page.

And that’s it : )

Let me know down below when you are done voting!