View what variables are doing while game runs?

Is there anyway to have my variables up while the game is running so I can see what they are doing. So if a boolean value is true or false etc while game input is happening.

You can print any variable to text object

Where not to make 99999 text objects you can use shift+enter to make new line like i did here
“Red Barracks HP " + ToString(BarracksRed.HP)+” “+”
Blue Barracks HP " + ToString(BarracksBlue.HP)+" "
What is between quotes “” will be displayed as text
The + sign is add also this
And ToString is what makes variable being displayed

And result you have in upper left corner

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Yeah, the debuuger for variables isn’t realtime. Even it was, it would change so fast that it probably wouldn’t be helpful.

As stated. You can use a text object. Or print to the debugger.

For more complex things, you can use for each instance or for each child for arrays or structures. Just set the text object to “” and then add the values.

I like simple things like playing a sound if an action is triggered or change the hue or angle of objects to see which ones are being picked.

I even created a custom condition a few times to see which condition wasn’t being met. I was able to slowly move it between the conditions.

Whatever helps.

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Booleans can be fast. So what was mentioned about logging to the console can be helpful (then just ctrl shift i in the preview to open the console). Or printing variables in a text object can be helpful (just change your text to add a new line, not set the text to the boolean, so you can see it if the booleans are going fast). Just add either of these actions everywhere you are changing the boolean. But you probably don’t need to add both actions, I was just showing what the actions look like for clarity.

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