i have enabled my player to shoot bullets but as you see in the image below the bullets can only be seen until it is on blue part

also the bullets are created and shoot to the head how do i make them shoot from the barrel.
what do i do?

Surely the bullets have a Z-Order greater than the Background’s Z but less than other objects as the terrain. GD draws objects in function of their Z-Order, so objects with a high Z-Order are drawed over others.
Short: Try to set the bullets with a high Z order, there are actions to change the Z-Order after create the bullets, if this doesn’t work… event screenshot :wink:

Sprite objects has Points, you can add, move and delete them in the Sprite Object Editor, create a point “Barrel” and locate it in… the barrel, finally, instead “Player.X()” and “Player.Y()”, you can use “Player.PointX(Barrel)” and “Player.PointY(Barrel)” :slight_smile:
The beginner tutorial in the wiki use points, you can check it here: Beginner Tutorial

Also, there is a “Help for game creation” section, you’ll find faster responses there, I think :smiley: