Water physics in Gdevelop

Hello, someone have good water physics in your game? For example, the person who read this, I mean terraria liquid physics, is posible in Gdevelop? (Sorry for my bad english)…

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Can you show a gif of what you want or be more specific?
GDevelop offers only solid physics, but well, depending on your needs, tricks might work.

Ok, in last 3 days I try to make water, using fisics, at the moment… no done…
The objective is water can change for gravity, temperature, time (rain, tornado etc…) object inside water or enter the water

Reference Water (Terraria)
Sorry for bad english

For instance, for the water surface, I remember some Physics prototype showing a sort of rope with joints, I think you could use that.
For a body inside water, you could slow down movement, or add movement towards the surface if the body is supposed to float.
Tricks like that.

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I also wanted some water so I made a wave image with a wavy top surface and used the sine behavior on it. I also used the sine behavior for things that were floating in the water (not shown here) and had the wave at reduced opacity.

I did it for very gentle rolling waves but you could change the wave shape and/or sine values when a storm comes so that there’s more movement.

Good luck!

sine waves


Gruk since you are a professional in this, I am still with the water prototype and I am still learning, also testing its indications and the bubble ones to see how they adapt or if it matches the theme that I want, but I have a problem. As I said, I want the water to have physics and fall into a well by gravity, but I also want it to affect the temperature, when it is cold it becomes ice and when it is hot it evaporates (related to the biome where it is and the height where it is) For this reason Right now I stopped and was watching “Code monkey”. That is why I ask, what should I focus on or prioritize as the first system to implement, temperature or water?
And one more thing, extensions can content events right? The extension space (bytes) are determinated for events content? (Example: 70 Events are random and 1 kb space. I can transform in extension and have these 70 events compressed like a zip organizated BUT space are 1kb right?

Thanks for help, I’m in gdevelop 1 month ago? But i am noob… BUT is so funny create a game!

I believe someone named Alaiz from the GDevelop Discord community could help you. He is currently working on Water Physics Extension. You can contact him on Discord.
dunno about forum

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Thanks! Tomorrow i will search him, here are so late now