Way points and Parent objects

Hi, could I make two suggestions?
first- why not a tool to make way points, a path on screen and make an object follow the path with several options like ping pong, loop and other?. A tool that when you click two points on screen makes a b spline or linear spline and you can had or delete the points. This is great for enemies and even moving platforms.

Second- Why can’t we parent objects on the object manager/window?. Like in Unity or any other program. It would be cool to do it. Example: An enemy field of vision. Right now you have to make a lot of “code” to tell where the field of vision is created and to follow the enemy.
With parenting objects you just parent the object of the field of Vision to the enemy and that’s it, where the enemy goes and turns, the field of vision object also does the same. And then you say on collision do this or that. Simple.
I hope Im making sense with my explanation.



About the second point I think that it should be better also in editor. Now when you have a lot of objects on the right list isn’t simple to maintain order .

About the first point I make it manually, a workaround: I created a checkpoint object with counter variable (her name is number). Then I insert instance number 1, a second instance number two and so on. When the enemies start, it follow a ai path to instance number 1, when it collide the new target is number two and so on.

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But that’s the point. To make such a simple task you have to do some work.
I wouldn’t mind a system like 3d modeling apps have. Example: put the object you want to. animate on screen, give it a timeline, move it to the way points you want, rotate, scale or do whatever you want it to do and make keyframes. This way there’s no code, only interaction.
Im sure that the people that make this amazing engine could easily make such a tool.
Probably they have other priorities but maybe one day they will make a tool to make paths.
I’ve seen tutorials from Wishforce about “way points” and that’s way I decided to make this suggestion.

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Its not just a way to maintain order. In the example that I gave, you wouldn’t need to “write” code to tell the field of vision where to follow the main character, you just parent it or group them and the field of vision would follow the main character.
In Unity you make a camera a child of an object and that’s it, the camera will follow exactly what the object does, movement, rotation.

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Parent-child relationships in the editor would be amazing - have a light, for example, move with the player’s movement and rotation, without have to write some many events. Will you make a feature request?

I think this is posted in feature request but because Im knew here, Im not sure.