Web version vs Desktop

Hello all!

Seems that the web version of GDevelop is not updated or full functional as the desktop version. Is this correct? If so, is there any particular reason for this?

Would be nice to have it full working so ChromeOS users could also benefit from it, even for schools or if you are a starting gamedev with low budget to buy a full blown pc or mac.

Awesome tool, team!

The web version is considered more of a demo as there are explicit restrictions on what functionality it can reproduce due to being on the web.

With how the bundled apps are integrated (Piskel, Yarnspinner, JFXR, etc) there is not a way for them to be used on the web version. Additionally, there is not any way to directly upload assets from your machine to the web version due to similar restrictions.

There could be ways around these technical limitations but as far as I understand it would require a near complete rework of how the engine is built to handle files, as well as how those other apps are bundled.

There are no current plans to make the web app more than a demo/limited function version at this time.