Weird issue with text based on variables

I have a randomized message for a game-over state, which has 10 randomized options.

It looks like sometimes the text displays overlapping messages for some strange reason, despite the text being clearly recreated for each time the game over is triggered. Anyone have any idea why this could be happening?

What do you mean by overlapping messages? And also, can you show your events?

Oh thanks for the reply, I’m at work now so can’t open up GD, but it looks like two messages are displaying at the same time so the text looks like gibberish. Exactly that, just two overlaid messages from two different variables stacked on top of each other. Like if I took two sentences from this paragraph and had them one on top of the other so it’s unreadable. Thanks!

Do you create the text box for every message at run time before you set it? If so, are you hiding it, or deleting it?

Or is it set in the editor? And if so, is it in the scene or an external layout?

If you create the text make sure you delete the previous
I mean Is game over my first time so a text object is created so I restart and lose again another text object is created? or is the same with a different message?
If is the same I don’t know what is happening, share some screenshots of your events
If is not the same well probably the first text is showing when the second text is showing too

Yeah I thought about that, will have a look when I get home. Thanks fellas, mucho helpful.