Weirdly Unstable Fps (Solved)

Hi, game that i work on started working slow but i cant find the problem, almost all event i used is activated if you interact (by clicking button with mouse), there is almost no work all time event, game resolution 640x360(portrait) assets sizes pretty low, there should be problem about camera tween or 9 patch objects performance or panelbutton extension(i use that about 8 times) i think. i tried debugger its giving value around 1.5 ms(total) and its pretty low and weirdly game running better at debug screen, i used fps extension to see difference, at normal preview it gives 60-61 and 30 fps almost same time, but in debug preview it gives 60-61 almost all time.

  • i realised if i run preview at events screen it runs fine like in debug mode but if i run preview at editor screen its runs much worse like i mentioned above.

I had a similar situation, I started checking - it turned out that the event created a bunch of copies of objects and superimposed one on the other. I made a Text Log for myself and displayed the number of objects on the scene, and solved the problem.

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Yes, that’s an known - previewing while the scene editor is open can slow down the game. It can also exhibit lagging if you run it from an external layout scene in the editor.

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I had the same thing, another possibility is the use of timers without stopping the timer, so basically multiple timers that keep on running.