Wendlgosoft tutorial chanal on YouTube

Hello community,
long time no see. I finally got more time to dedicate to GDevelop, so I decided to create a channel on YouTube and make tutorial videos. :partying_face:
If you have any suggestions or ideas for new tutorials please let me know.
I’m going to update this threat whenever I upload a new video.

Here is the very first:

Ground checking via ray cast


Welcome back! Such a pleasure to see an old nickname come back there!

Ooh, I got excited too when I saw the name Wendigo - creator of the aquarium game :tropical_fish:

To be honest, I haven’t been absent completely. Have been reading GitHub updates from time to time.
Nice there are still people remembering me and Sakawochi.
Have been thinking about doing a rewrite of the game for quite some time. With all those new behaviors available it shouldn’t even take that long.

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