What can I do with this?

Since Monday I can’t work for this:

Any idea?


Have you tried reinstalling GDevelop? If that doesn’t work, it might be that your project file is corrupted

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The fact that the events sentences are not showing though might indicate that your GDevelop copy has been corrupted, try reinstalling GDevelop. It kind of looks like your project file may have been corrupted. If after the reinstalling the problem persist, try to open the autosave, and to send the project json file to let us see if there is any hope for recovery.

Thanks both, after ask and bothering people here and there, now I know it seems my great mistake is adding sprites and images from various different sources so the program got mad and ended trying to find files I erased some time ago in download folder.

So I had to begin a new project and copied all code and sprites from the “corrupted” one, some adjustments and vualá! the first level I’ve completed works better than before!.

So please learn with my mistake and solution so you never do it! and even tell other beginners what to do if they ask with the same problem