What data does GDevelop collect from players?

I want to know what data GDevelop collects from players (not developers) whether or not the game is registered
I do not know if it is on the (Privacy Policy) page or the (Terms and Conditions) page or not, but perhaps a link leading to the answer will help me

Here is the exact code:

As you can see, it sends an aggregated & anonymized playerID to know the amount of unique players, the game name, version, and URL, the device’s OS, browser, and the presence of a multitouch touchscreen. isCordova differentiates between a mobile build and a web build played on mobile.


If we disable the collection of metrics on events at the start of the scene of the first scene in the game, none of this information will be sent to Gdevelop, right?

yep. GDevelop waits up to 10 seconds after the start of the game to send these analytics to give you the time to disable the analytics even if not in the first scene.


How do you disable that? Like, do you need to add events to disable that, or what?

Yep. There’s an event to enable/disable metrics. Just throw that into your starting scene in a “at the beginning of the scene” event.

Gdev tracks you? in that case i am gona say IT CAN TRACK ME NOW!!

Okay, but the event is a boolean value where you can set the sending of metrics to true or false, but what is the default? Like, is the default (not using this event) set to true or false?

By default, it sends the data. This data being anonymized and aggregated, it cannot be linked to any player, and GDevelop does not collect private data.

This is unlike e.g. Google analytics that make sure they collect very private stuff like your interests & hobbies, your gender, your country & nationality, and much more than you can fathom. Not only that, they make sure to track the collected data across all sites back to you specifically to create an advertisement profile for you as an individual.

As such, GDevelop does not fall under privacy laws like the GDPR or the Californian data protection laws, since it does not break privacy.

Okay, but who receives that data? And what kind of data is it, like the game time, OS platform, etc?

The GDevelop company (GDevelop Ltd.), and the developer of the game through the analytics menu of the games dashboard.

Please read the whole thread.

I’m confused on your question, the answer is the second post in this thread?

The information and all code relating to it is public and is linked directly at the top of the code snippet in that 2nd post in the thread.

Okay, is this the correct way to disable the analytics?

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Yep. Make sure that’s in your starting scene, at the top of the event sheet, and it’ll disable the analytics from starting.

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