What do you do when Struggling with doing something on Gdevelop

Just wondering what other people do when they find doing something on Gdevelop hard.

As I tend to leave it for a while and return and maybe start building the next level then returning the next day.
As I find it’s similar to playing games and getting stuck on a level as the more I try to beat the level the worse I play.

I also tend to suffer with burnout as I am the sort of person that will do something from about 11 o clock in the morning until about 7 that night and after a couple of days I feel like I just do not want to do it anymore.

Taking more frequent breaks usually solves those issues.
Then if it still hasn’t helped do your own research.
If that still doesn’t work then ask for help from these forums or other game developers. Of course show them what you have already tried first.

Walk away & bash my head into the wall til I get it :thinking:.

Nah loll, but taking a break really helps :+1:t5:

I do just 1 proyect (one very big… and is my first time learning, developing and all… the perfect mix!)
sometimes i think… “maybe i need change this, or my plan maybe doesn’t working…” So i look retro games or films with my little brother, He and my talk about errors in films, best parts, interesting things, details about films, BUT the best part, talk about easter eggs, that little details make one thing “special” I wanna plasm this in my game! and looking best things, easter eggs and innovations make me motivated to continue!

Sorry about my bad english, don’t worry and send the medic costs to Mrmen! :V

I usually take a break and work on art or sound for a while. If I come back and am still stumped, then I will look for documentation or even better, I try to find an example game on the Gdevelop website and go through what they did to reverse engineer how they did it.

If all else fails, I post on here asking for help. I leave the forums as a last result though, since looking at examples is better, and you can learn things you didn’t even know you didn’t know.