What do you think about the graphics of my game.

I need your opinion to improve my pixel art. Its my first time doing my own animations so i want to know what people think about them.
*The player sprite is not mine , https://rvros.itch.io/animated-pixel-hero , it is from here. I modified it a bit for my needs. The other sprites are mine.
What do you think about the torch I´ve mmade it with particles.

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The smoothing looks ugly for that art style, maybe try disabling it on the Resources menu > select the image then untick smooth image, BUT thats just an option overall the art is nice in my opinion.

I think the smoothing looks ok if you want to create some sort of foggy, blurry environment but otherwise I need to agree you should disable it. Regarding the art, well there is not much to see. You told the character is not yours, it looks good by the way the tiles looks ok but a little boring if I want to be honest.