What happen with the Physics angle?

It is happening me always, the direction of the physic force isn’t that it should be.
It happen when I use the action Displacement ==> Apply a force (angle). If I use a Object.Direction() in the angle parametre, the direction of the force is another.
In a particular case: A weapon that rotate toward the mouse cursor, when you do click, create a physic object an add a force with the angle = weapon.Direction(), anything less the right direction… I don’t know… is like the physic angle rotate faster than the normal angles, It is in radians?

Object.Direction() doesn’t necessarily reflect direction the object is moving to when using physics. Here’s how I calculate angle of direction:

atan2(Object.Physics::LinearVelocityY(),Object.Physics::LinearVelocityX())*(180/3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209)) . I needed to calculate this to set proper direction of emitting particles in Gravicannon and had similar problem to yours, so I thought I am able to help you.

The problem was solved… yes, Physics Automatism uses radians :slight_smile: