What is the best way to play bullet sounds: using the Event Sheet or an Extension?

Hi everyone,
I’m making a platformer shooter. I tried two different ways to make the sound of the bullets:

  1. The most obvious way, using the event sheet to play the sound when the bullet is fired.
  2. Using an extension on the bullet object that just plays the bullet sound on creation. It plays the sound only once everytime a bullet instance is created.

I prefer using the extension because it makes it easier to code especially if I have different bullets with different sounds. This method apparently doesn’t affect the game performance when I run it on my PC but I wonder if it will cause any issues if the game is played in a lower specs computer.

Is there any known performance issues with using extensions in objects that will be repeated so many times in the game, like bullets?

I’m attaching a print of the extension code. As I said, it’s quite simple. Just playing a sound when created.