What is the point of external layouts?

I understand what the external events are for (allowing lots of code to be run from multiple scenes without having to copy and paste it in every scene), but what are external layouts for? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I feel like there is a use for them that I don’t know.

If you want pop a pause menu for example.
You can set all objects on an external layout, and call it from a scene without polluting the scene in the editor.

So it is essentially another layer but the objects are hidden in the editor?

Something like that, but it is too a way to create, lets say, a whole room dynamically. Building the room as an external layout and using an event to build all the objects in all at once.

In my runner:

I have made 8 pieces of path, using a trigger when the character collides with an object. All pieces share the name, but with a different number.

To make each one of said pieces using events would make a mess.

Those are External Events. There’s no code behind an External Layout. It only contains the positions of objects.

There are 2 main usages for external layouts that I can see:

  1. for a certain set of objects that are repeated for multiple scenes (like a HUD), so that the same set of objects don’t have to be repeated for every scene.
  2. when there is one code base/scene that can be used for multiple scenes/levels. At the start of the scene, the existing objects are removed, and the next layout/level is loaded from the external layout.

lol, sorry, it was a typo. I meant to say I know what external events are for.

That makes sense, I am gonna mess around with it some to see what I can come up with!