What resolution should I use?

I am thinking about building a top down similar in style to the old Gauntlet game.

The sprites that I’ll be using will most likely be 16x16 pixel art graphics.

So the question is what size screen resolution should you use for the sprites not to look tiny. I read that 640x360 is a good resolution for that size sprites.

And is there a rule like the resolution should be 10 times the sprites or so like any easy way to calculate the best resolution.


Well a width of 320 would give you space for 20 tiles.

There is no rule about the resolution. Having a higher resolution than the sprites (and then changing zoom so that they display at the size you want) will allow you to have movement that is smoother than the sprites themselves. So if you want 20 tiles width (320 pixels) but ability to move halfway in between those pixels, set the resolution width to 640 and then zoom to 2.

What I would say is use 256 x 224 because that is what is used for nes but I could ject be saying that because I am a fan of it lol