What should I look for when making an endless runner?

Please help!!
I only learned on how to make a platformer, but I dunno how to loop the whole thing endlessly.

Basically you just add a new level fragment off screen every x logic ticks and apply a constant movement to it in the direction of your player object. You just need to time the spawning correctly so that there are no gaps between the level fragments.

What about the repeated spawning of platforms in random areas? I actually want to make it more dynamic but limited so that it won’t be too hard to play with.

The GDevApp as a Infinite runner option. I used this to see how they created infinite platforms. I continue to use this method today.

hey can somebody please advised where exactly i could find the GDevApp as a Infinite runner option? :smiley:

open gdevapp.com, login, create a game, use endless runner template