What's a good benchmark to aim for?

I have a PC game running at 1920X1080, and it gets between 70 fps on canvas mode, down to 32-33 when there’s a lot going on, but I figure at this point it’s not gonna get much better than that. For the most part I’m fine with this.

When I manually active high performance GPU in the Nvidia console to work with GD, the framerates can go up about %150 which is more than fine.

But I figure with something this complex I’m probably gonna have to take the L in the long run. I was gonna buy some other games made with JS to just see what kind of benchmark they can pull off, as well.

Your game should never be in Canvas mode unless you are using a GD5 from years ago or your gpu/OS/Browser doesn’t support WebGL properly.

It should automatically be using WebGL.

Outside of that, normally I design everything for 60fps.

Note: Chromium/Electron enforces Vsync. If you have a 70-75hz refresh rate display and drop even 1 frame, it’ll normally drop to 1/2 your hz, roughly 35 fps.

Hmm maybe I’m misunderstanding what canvas mode is.

If anything what I mean is that Nvidia isn’t applying the GPU to it, so it’s using integrated graphics.