What's better? Using one global player object or many objects for a game with multiple classes/characters?

Should i create a global “hitbox” object and use it for the movement and logic for every class, or should i create an individual object per class (there are 5 in total), since each will have their own movement speed, stats, hitboxes and abilities. Just a question of which is more efficient per se

Edit: If that’s not what you meant. I appologize. I might have read it wrong.

I’m not sure about the question. To be clear. Global and scene objects are identical unlike a global and scene variable. Global objects are just available to be added to a scene without being setup. The object panel or whatever it’s called is just templated. It’s like a tray that holds the objects. You then add an actual object based on this. Once added there is absolutely zero difference. It’s a bit of a misnomer.

Global variables retain their value between scenes while global object behave just like regular objects and do not retain any variables or instance settings.