What's more successful? Minecraft or game developing?

Which is more successful to you? Developing a video game that mixes two game play mechanics for people to play? Or earning a lot of gold diamonds copper iron coals emeralds and nether rite In Minecraft?

um are you trying to get us to help you with your minecraft addiction?

No i’m just wondering what you think is a bigger accomplishment,

I don’t see collecting Minecraft resources as rewarding, because everyone is doing it.
Developing a game, whatever it may be, brings benefits, whether educational or financial.


Depends on context. People play games for different reasons, for example I play games to wind down after work/coding or to experience cool stories, whereas a friend of mine plays games to give himself an aneurism trying to get first place in battle royales (and very rarely succeeds).

I guess what I’m trying to say is, in relation to your question, success means different things to the two choices you provide. If the player likes idle/collectathon/building games then the Minecraft approach will work better. For others it’ll be the former.

Personally? Developing the video game you yourself want to make is the real answer, but I’m just biased. I scale success on whether I actually make any progress at all haha!