Whats the best way(performance wise) for animated backgrounds

Hi yall,

im wondering how would you go about making a game background where some parts are animated

1.Would it be better to have a blank background color then shove in separate animated objects such as moving grass etc?

  1. 1 screen sized giant animated background sprite?

3.Tilemaps? not really sure how they work and last i checked there was some limitations to them in gdevelop

i want to prioritize performance what is the best solution?

i saw a video by coriander games where he basically took 1 screen sized image and he split it into like 50 parts in Photoshop then painstakingly dragged each sprite into gdevelop, wondering what was the reason for that

LOL, no Giant sized animated sprite

Tiled sprite animated has a good performance. The animate certain parts is not in the tutorial. but you can set later which coordinates of the tile sprite want to show at least that is what the extension says.

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woawww so do you use this along with just a normal background color

It’s a tiled sprite in this case is just one color but you can draw the background you want then animate the tiles by rows.

I’m going to investigate better the extension and if I find something else make a new tutorial.

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