What's the syntax for global child variables?

I’m trying to have some scrolls that can be known or unknown. If the scroll is identified by the player, I want the name of the scroll to be output. Otherwise, it should output that the scroll is unknown.

I tried:

Do = 1 to GlobalVariable scrollidentified(cold)
Do = 1 to GlobalVariable scrollidentified(fire)

And then to read it with:

GlobalVariable scrollidentified([scroll.VariableString(name)]) = 1 || Output name
GlobalVariable scrollidentified([scroll.VariableString(name)]) = 0 || Output unknown

Also tried a few variations, but couldn’t get them to work. :confused:

The syntax is:

Do = 1 to GlobalVariable scrollidentified["cold"] or Do = 1 to GlobalVariable scrollidentified.fire

The same for read it:

GlobalVariable scrollidentified[scroll.VariableString(name)] = 1 or the expression GlobalVariable( scrollidentified[scroll.VariableString(name)] )

This should work :slight_smile:

Thanks lizard! :smiley: