What's wrong with Piskel?

When I open Piskel and a few seconds later, screens turn into completely black and I can’t do anything. My all work is gone. Does someone knows why? And does anyone have the same issues?

Sounds similar to Piskel Editor Bug

The same happen to me in 5.0.138 you should update to Release 5.0.140 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub or just download from Download | GDevelop

Hello, I often have problems with “Piskel”. I always had that with the black screen. But mostly you can bring back the pictures, drawings.
just walk up
→ Import
then on :

This has always worked well for me to bring back the last edited images.
Just a little tip.
But even better than Piskel is Aseprite. But to quickly make a few small changes I use the Piskel.

Greetings Markus