When going back to a scene tabs it gets somewhere else in the code

When I switch between tabs it does not get me back to the correct part of the code where I was. I started notice it when my code was getting a bit long (not too much though).
I’m wondering if it’s just me because it’s unworkable now. You just check something on an extension or another scene and when you come back you can’t find what you were working on. How do you deal with this???
I tried closing and reopening Gdevelop.

Are you on the latest version? I’m not because my auto updates stopped working awhile back and I get lazy about uninstalling/reinstalling programs. I’ll get to it eventually. Anyway mine is still working, I’m on the last update right before this update (having finally gotten around to uninstalling/reinstalling that one right before it updated again lol). I just tested it scrolling to various places in my super long and complicated project. Then going into extensions, home, external events, etc. Always came back to the same spot even if I had an action highlighted somewhere way offscreen.

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I think I am on the latest version unless there was one new in the last days.
When I go back and I scroll it jumps up kind of erratically for a second or two. And then it put me somewhere else. Not far from where I was but it is still super annoying and time consuming.
While you’re here do you have the formulas not appearing fully as well? Or is it just me again

I saw your formulas post but I didn’t reply because I wasn’t sure what you meant. Mine all look normal, I can see everything, but I never try formatting them or anything. I just leave them in one long line.

I think that would be time consuming to have to scroll around to find where I was at. Especially cuz a lot of the times I’m working on my project I’m already tired from the day and my ability to focus isn’t at peak performance to begin with.

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