when i create an event, can i ....

let say that I create a Text Object.

step 1- Then and drag and drop Text object into scene.

step 2 - Then lets add an event- When mouse clicks on Text Object THEN set Text Object Text to “HELLO WORLD”.

Now I would like to pull up a log file or event viewer that shows the javascript code that GDEVELOP created
behind the scenes of step 1 and step 2.

This could very helpful to those of us who want to enhance their games with JAVASCRIPT.
It seems like that if the GUI can make events and stuff THAT somewhere some type of CODE is being produced.


This would not be helpful at all. Not, at all. If you want to learn Javascript, there are books and a wealth of information online (I recommend starting here:www. codecademy.com). The JS GDevelop creates is a horrible mess.