When player respawns, he gets stuck in his position for a few seconds and then is able to move again. How do I fix this?

So when I play my game, I go to die and respawn. As soon as I respawn, I get stuck in position for a few seconds. After the few seconds, I am able to move again. I do not know how to fix this issue. This is the picture of my code:

If anyone knows how to fix this, please reply and tell me. Otherwise, I’m stuck.

Looking at your logic, I am going to assume the ‘few seconds’ is actually 3 seconds and its tied to your wait action.

After your character has died, you’re waiting 3 seconds before respawning it.

I would also add, make sure the waits can only be triggered once or they build up.

For this, I would add the condition animation is not “Jim Dead”

You could probably do the same here. The animation would act as trigger once.

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Yeah, when you die, the death screen pops up and you wait 3 seconds before you finally respawn and are able to move free again.